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Every Year Billions of dollars worth of Free money from the government goes unclaimed.
Millions of people who could apply  for Free Government Money don't.


The references available here are written by Matthew Lesko. Matthew Lesko's books can be found in government buildings, libraries and business offices around the country. Simply put, for 25 years Lesko has been writing about the government , it's programs and the quality/quantity in each book is well respected in the grant giving and seeking communities and clubs. 

A word from Matthew Lesko...

30 Million People A Year Get Free Government Money and Grants

Itís easy to think that government money such as real estate grants are for other peopleĒ. I used to think that too. I grew up in the small town of Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, and I used to think that anyone who got  government grant money was either real rich and knew someone, or real poor and embarrassed. After 25 years of studying these free money programs I now know better. I personally got free money for business grants and to go to graduate school. My teenage sons even got a $10,000 grant to work on an anti-smoking project. I received government money to put my kids through college and I make a good amount of money. My wife and sister have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in free government money in the form of government contracts for their home-based businesses. Federal and State monies are for people who know about the programs -- rich, poor, young or old. All Americans are eligible for something, but they just donít know where the free government grants, direct payments and other programs are.

Your government gives out over $1.5 trillion a year in Free Money! That's an average of $11,450 a year per tax payer.  Only 12% of all Government Free Money goes to the poor. There are absolutely NO income requirements for 75% of Government Money Programs! Only 20% of the free money given out is actually called a grant.

With Matthew Lesko  you have no excuse to not get Free Money including:

  • Government Grants For Business
  • Free Money To pay your bills
  • Government help and Free money to get a better job
  • Grants to go to school
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  • and of course, Free Money for personal use!

Rich or poor you are entitled to your tax dollars and Free Government Money!


If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you have 90-days to return it for a complete refund. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. This is a personal guarantee from Matthew Lesko.